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As the varieties fill niche market segments to reach specific consumers, this shift signifies a preference for hyper-personalized conveniences as opposed to 'one size fits all' solutions. Try one or two of these roaring 20s hairstyles yourself and try not to feel brazen, emboldened and grand. 30 Fun and Chic Party Hairstyles to Rock This Weekend If you have a party coming up, you’re probably trying to figure out what to wear. 5 Trend-Proof Hairstyles You’ll Still Love in 20 Years By trend-proof, we mean hairstyles so classic and timeless even the biggest hair expert in the world won't be able to identify the era they came from. Each style morphs your own coiffure into a royalty-inspired crown of sorts. Between our panel of expert stylists and scouring the red carpets, we bring you today’s freshest new looks… right here: Whoever said simple hairstyles were boring was totally wrong. Read more » 4 Reasons Why People Buy Branded Goods Branding plays an important part in consumer purchasing habits, and retailers today can’t afford to miss out by not carrying branded lines, retailer Jim Alperin writes. Then this is exactly where you need to be. In her latest diary entry, designer Jacqueline Stone ponders the potential RMI on getting Kate Winslet to glide down in the red carpet in a piece of her jewelry.