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The Pilgrimage Cafe currently focuses on all-day dining and brunch. The restaurant's menus bring dishes from around the world to a Midwest neighborhood environment, and a typical menu is influenced by cuisines ranging from Latin flavors from Mexico and the Caribbean to the eastern tastes of Japan and Thailand. Due to its rapid growth, The Pilgrimage Cafe now wants to update its seating with padded booths and chairs as well as brighten up the room with new flooring and lighting. After this step is completed, the team will work on modernizing the patio's furniture and layout. The last phase of the operation will be to update the signs and other exterior elements in addition to bringing in more equipment such as beer taps and ice cream makers. At this time, Ball and The Pilgrimage Cafe team have taken their campaign to Kickstarter, where they seek the funds necessary to complete the restaurant's expansion. In exchange for the public's support, the team is giving out a wide number of prizes such as t-shirts, recipe club memberships, and the chance to host a private party at the restaurant. "Thanks to the immediate support from the neighborhoods of South Minneapolis, we are now well into our second year of operations and have learned a great deal about what it takes to run this place, and what things we would like to change to make it better," said Ball.

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